Live sådan

Gasolin (1969-1977)

By Peter Elsnab, journalist and Jesper Nykjær Knudsen, music editor og journalist, 2006

Out that way! 

The album starts with Kim Larsen’s zestful “Oh yeah - I’m the good time Charlie”. This number kicks off the party and it is difficult to imagine a better occasion for festivity than hearing the “Gassers” perform live on stage. Live sådan presents quite simply the very best of the best numbers featuring Denmark’s greatest rock band down the ages. The album not only shows us the band at its very best after many tough years of wear and tear on the road - it also manages somehow to capture those magical moments when the very nerve of live music catches the audience spellbound. 

Enthusiasm and charisma 

The producer has chosen to locate the singing and instruments in the very foreground of the sound picture. The dynamics of this make it absolutely impossible to remain passive. Even if you are just lying at home on the sofa. 

This is gripping, atmospheric American-inspired rock with links to the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix as well as to the Danish ballad tradition. At the same time Live sådan presents a group of musicians with a great zeal for playing, could you ever imagine finding a front man with the same charisma as that charming, cheeky Copenhagener Kim Larsen? So if you suddenly get the urge to sing along with such favourite hits as “Woman of Mine” (“Kvinde min”), “Buckets of Success” (“Masser af Succes”) and “Shindy Street” (“Rabalderstræde”), you can be sure you won’t be on your own. 

Major penetration 

Sales of Gasolin’s records have long surpassed the million mark. But it hasn’t all been one big party. Gasolin’ was a rock orchestra with a big heart in the hippie era of the 1970s. It was ordinary people’s way of life, the oil crisis and pollution which provided the inspiration for the band’s human, folksy and easily grasped tales of everyday life, love and society in general. After nine years, the party ended one autumn day in 1978. Gasolin’ felt they just couldn’t achieve anything more. The group finished at the top, with only the dream of reaching out to that ordinary, good time Charlie in the United States unfulfilled. 

Gasolin logo that as the band has achieved icon status. Drawing by Peder Bundgaard.
Popular Music

Did you know?

Source: Jyllands-Posten, februar 1999.

The song "Kvinde min", which you can hear in concert version on Live Like That, was voted the most popular Danish song in 2001. Jyllands-Posten and the research institute Sonar had asked a broad section of the population to write the name of their favorite album and favorite song down, and here there was no doubt which song was the Danes' favorite: Gasolin's ear tag of a declaration of love for the woman!

The committee's justification

By the Committee for Music, 2006

Film should be seen in the cinema, and rock should be heard in the concert hall. Rock band Gasolin’ was a good example of this. Not to disparage the group’s studio-recorded albums, but it was on stage that the distinctive character of the band truly came into its own. This live recording from January 1976 is thus preferable to other, far more famous Gasolin’ albums. Gasolin’ in the studio was, as a rule, a balancing act between gruelling consensus and creative battles – Danish rock’s counterpart to the Olsen Gang. This gave variable results. On stage, however, it was a case of sink or swim in the moment.

This gave the group an unprecedented spirit which, combined with idiomatic Kim Larsen melodies and rudimentary rhythmic Rolling Stones-inspired rock, never resonated so strongly as when in collaboration with an audience, which are de facto part of the music. Add to this the fact that songs such as ‘Masser af succes’, ‘Rabalderstræde’ and ‘Kvinde min’ are played as if they were written on the spot by musicians who do not believe they can do more than they can, but stand by it in any case. Purists must look elsewhere. Gasolin’ were not virtuosos, and many a music teacher wished they were hard of hearing when Gasolin’ turned up the power; however, Danish rock has never since sounded so grounded in tradition, scornful of tradition, personal and popular.

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